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Watch Dormant (2019) Full Movie Online On 123Movies4U

  • Dormant Full Movie On 123Movies4U: Former CIA agent, Arthur Huff is known for his skills and leadership on the field while being the perfect family man. At least that’s the surface. Inside the mind of the CIA legend, we view dark agendas of revenge and terrorism. Once assigned to pursue his rogue CIA partner, Nigel Goodman, Huff discovers that Goodman is a triple spy, working for Russia and Egypt. After leading a team, Huff is successful in bringing down the terrorist. Nightmares are put to rest, families are united and the country is safe. Or is it? After Goodman’s death, reports of kidnappings emerge from the quiet, suburban neighborhood of Arthur Huff. A recent kidnapping of a FBI agent draws Detective Jordan Long into investigation. Long, recovering from the trauma of his daughter’s death, fights for the little sanity he has, being a cop. He is assigned as an undercover, hoping to find the answers to the kidnappings but stumbles across something more sinister – Arthur Huff. The retired CIA agent seems all but.

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    Dormant (2019) On 123Movies4U :-

    IMDB Rating: 5.1/10
    Director: Julian Jay Burton
    Cast: Julian Jay Burton, Tom Hagale, Bernadette Chapman
    Released Date: 1 April 2019 (USA)
    Time: 96 min
    Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

    Watch Dormant (2019) Full Movie Online On 123Movies4U

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